Hourly and Medical Astrology

Hourly and Medical Astrology

Developed by William Lilly in the treatise called “Christian Astrology,” horary astrology is a brilliant method of investigating questions that find answers in the possibilities of YES/NO.

I use the questions of patients (or my own) regarding both the emotional causes of diseases and the choice of appropriate treatment.

For example:

Is leech therapy good for patient X?


Should patient Y continue the therapy that has already shown positive results?

Should patient Y follow allopathic medication?

The answers I obtain are extraordinarily accurate and help me consider, alongside my knowledge and intuition, the astral influences that can often be decisive.

In the final diagnosis and applied therapy, I take into account, for patients who know their approximate time of birth, aspects of medical astrology including the house of illness, the diseases of the ascendant, moon, or sun, useful information given by the midheaven.

Based on certain planetary transits and elements of elective astrology, I can determine favorable moments for the beginning of therapies or, when necessary, the right time for surgical interventions.

I had the opportunity to learn this type of astrology through the Helios astrology school in Cluj, coordinated by Narcisa and Zolthan Bartha. I am grateful to them for the light they have brought into my medical practice.