For those who do not know the activity of our office and the complex methods used to heal or balance a patient, we decided to post for the public some of the cases of patients who agreed to share their experience.

Patient experience is an important point of reference for those who are thinking of choosing similar procedures!

Case 1

In a cabinet located on a busy thoroughfare of Timisoara, guarded by the generous branches of a walnut tree, less common medical procedures are performed.

Here, each patient receives a personalized and complex treatment, after feeling listened to with attention, openness, understanding and competence.

My name is Maria Jakabhazi, I am 58 years old and I came to Dr. Dan Spatariu suffering from a continuous back pain, which has been burdening me for years and was largely due to osteoporosis and cervical spondylosis; osteoporosis had been treated for two years (2011-2012) with allopathic medicines, without any results. On the contrary, according to the analyses, the disease had advanced.

In this situation, I decided to turn to alternative treatments. At the “Esculap Aeternus” medical office, after I was consulted through bioresonance and ayurvedic evaluation, other health problems became apparent to me: neurovegetative dystonia, duodenal dyskinesia, atherosclerosis.

At first, I was recommended a mixture of plant powders prepared in this office, in parallel with a revitalization of the body with the help of vitamins and minerals.

The next step was the treatment with beneficial Ayurvedic oils and leeches. leeches. I did not doubt for a moment the effectiveness of these miraculous remedies which, as was explained to me, also have the role of triggering and stimulating the body’s self-healing abilities. It was exactly what matched my spirit, the way I understand life.

Now, three months after the first consultation and after 12 treatment sessions, I no longer have any trace of pain and I enjoy with gratitude and thanks every morning that welcomes me in its light without the pain and tensions that I had carried for years of days.

I am grateful to Dan for treating me not only physically, but also psychologically, reminding me that through prayer, positive attitude, movement, yoga exercises, diet, I participate in my own healing.

I believe that an important step when we want to regain our health is trust in the therapist we choose; I have.

Thank you doctor!

Case 2

“For over 30 years I have been suffering from insulin-requiring type 2 diabetes, chronic venous insufficiency of the lower limbs and then I have accumulated several diseases along the way such as: diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, cataracts, cervical and lumbar spondylosis, osteoporosis, hypertension, biliary dyskinesia, degenerative rheumatism.

I could no longer bear the rheumatic pains and especially the severe pains in my right hand starting from the shoulder to the tips of the fingers, completely immobilizing my hand, the pains generated by varicose veins, the ill conditions caused by the liver, liver and chronic fatigue, not realizing what it is like don’t hurt anything and have a peaceful night. God directed my steps towards the “Esculap Aeternus” medical office of Mr. Dr. Dan Spatariu from Timisoara.

I confess that after the treatment with a mixture of several plants, by applying leeches on the lower limbs, on the right hand and on other painful parts of the body, by dieting, following the diet prescribed by the doctor and by performing daily physical exercises, I became a different person. The rheumatic pains have eased, the right hand that was blocked… now I can help myself with it and I can even carry it with shopping, I no longer feel that I have liver (before the treatment it always felt painful), the blood sugar dropped amazingly , currently injecting less insulin.

Also, varicose veins no longer cause those leg pains that were there before the treatment. My intestinal transit and blood circulation were regulated, I became more energetic and my fatigue, insomnia and bad mood disappeared.

I finally understood the role of nutrition and confidence that you can do it if you really want to.

It should be mentioned that at the beginning the diet was not at all easy to follow, but gradually I got used to it and did not give up the precious foods for the body that I am already used to.

For all the good he has done me, I thank Dr. Dan Spatariu from the bottom of my heart and I recommend everyone who is suffering to choose this treatment option with confidence”


66 years old, Timisoara 2013

Case 3

3 years ago, my health was not very good: I was bloated, my cholesterol was high and I had a chronic urinary infection for years.

Then my nephew’s nose recommended me to Mr. Nuldr. Dan Spatariu, where I was investigated through bioresonance and AYURVEDIC consultation.

According to the spectral analysis with the “OBERON 4009” bioresonance device, the following energetic results were recorded:


After the AYURVEDIC diagnosis, it was found that:

fthe digestive and metabolic fire correlated with digestion and immunity was low;_
“life energy” – (ojas – my note) which reflects the maintenance of vital processes was very low.

I wanted to report this fact, because the classical traditional medicine did not show me the aspects of my health in such detail.
Dr. Dan Spatariu explained each diagnosis in detail and prescribed the following treatment: For ESCHERICHIA COLI RENAL, it was recommended to consume a concentrated decoction of coriander and cumin during the meal – essential oil of Oregano. For anemia – a mixture based on pomegranate, dates, raisins and figs…… I took the customized powder mixture: GOKHRU, SALMALI, BILVA, LOTUS, JYOTISMATI, SATAPATRIKA, PIPPALI.

At the same time, I took a maceration of: obligeana, fennel, tansy, poplar buds, big grass, sage.

I was recommended to watch the films YES MAN and SECRETUL and read the book STUDIUL CHINA.

I enjoyed reading the book and watching the movies, from which I learned many interesting and useful things.

After already 3 months of treatment, the first positive results began to appear

It was the first time I had and I have great confidence in the treatments prescribed by Dr. Dan Spatariu, and with each check-up at the doctor’s office, the state of my health was getting better.

I say with all sincerity that I strictly and very seriously follow the doctor’s recommendations regarding treatment and nutrition.


In February 2011, I had a cold and developed pneumonia. Of course, the family doctor prescribed me strong antibiotics that were not that effective, I was desperate.

Then the doctor proposed me to do the therapy with leeches. I did a few sessions and in parallel I also took a personalized powder prepared by the doctor that strengthened me and I healed.

It was a unique experience, which helped me understand the healing power of these healing creatures!

When I come to the doctor’s office, he greets me with a smile that inspires a lot of warmth and confidence…

I can consider myself a faithful patient, because I come to the doctor’s office to keep my health in good condition and I still follow the recommendations given by the doctor.

I warmly recommend Dr. Dan Spatariu to all those who want to be healthy and understand that illness is a challenge.

I was and am that person who defeated the disease, and I am very happy that, with God’s help, I met a special man in the person of Dr. DAN SPATARIU!

I wish him much success and as many people as possible benefit from the doctor’s treatments!

Timisoara, 10.11.2013

With much respect, a faithful patient A.C./ 66 years old

Case 4

I suffered from headaches since childhood. I did all the necessary investigations to find a cause and to treat me, but without success. The pains had become stronger and stronger, they recurred almost weekly and lasted for several days, during which I was exhausted, unable to do anything. I had managed to take painkillers very often and in rather large quantities. In addition to these pains, I often had anxiety, weakness and even depression.

I had heard from Dr. Spatariu and I decided to try another method of investigation and treatment for this problem.

Thus we arrived at the office of Esculap Aeternus. The investigation was complex. Following the bioresonance investigation, the diagnosis was as follows: gallbladder dyskinesia, erosive gastritis, low respiratory immunity, abacterial urethritis, hepatic cholestasis, intestinal dysbacteriosis, cervicitis, neurovegetative dystonia.

The doctor recommended me a personalized mixture of plants and the start of some therapies in the office. First of all, I started by gradually changing my diet, eliminating harmful foods and replacing them with healthy foods. In a short time I felt the beneficial effect of the so-called “diet” and I realized that this is the correct diet that I will have to have and that what I considered good in the diet until then, was actually the basis of my illness.

I continued to go to the office and joined the therapy program. After the first sessions, my state of health improved, my headaches improved, and my mental state became better and better. Gradually my fears, moments of anxiety and weaknesses disappeared, I discovered myself as I should be, a balanced person, without fears, with many qualities (in the first session in which Mr. Dr. told me to list my 3 qualities – I hardly managed to find two).

I was reluctant to some therapies-eg. hirudotherapy-the application of leeches-I postponed this moment, but after the first session, every trace of doubt, fear, rejection disappeared, and then I accepted the therapy with great ease.

From one session to the next, my condition improved visibly, and the positive charge with which I left the office gave me strength to overcome any obstacle. What happened to me during these sessions cannot be explained in words, I wanted to come back to accumulate new information, to discover myself further as I had not known myself. I was leaving the office and I had a state of inner peace and happiness, I noticed things that I hadn’t noticed until then, I enjoyed nature and everything that surrounded me.

After 4 months, the doctor re-evaluated me and said: “You don’t need to come to the office anymore because you are no longer sick.” Indeed, this is what the result of the bioresonance test looks like, but the most important thing was the fact that this is what I felt too – my health problems had disappeared, I felt energetic and healthy.

At first I came to this office to treat my headache, now I realize that this was the least important thing that happened to me compared to the other things I acquired. This wonderful man that I met here, because Mr. Spatariu is much more than a doctor, he taught me to think positively, to realize that the disease exists in me as long as I accept it, he taught me to accept myself and to love myself.

My life has changed since I came to Escuap Aeternus, I was born again and learned to live again, to laugh, to be happy, to love.

Case 5

Before retiring after episodes of palpitations and after admission to the cardiology clinic in Timisoara, I was diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse. Upon discharge, I swore to myself that I would never pass by there again, and as nothing in this world is accidental, I met Dr. Spatariu who, although a cardiologist, deals with a different kind of medicine; the dance recommended me to change the way I ate, it recommended a diet corresponding to my type, macerated from indigenous plants – which I prepared myself and mixtures of Indian plants prepared by the him – which I took sublingually three times a day. After one month my condition improved, after three months the symptoms disappeared completely.

I continued and still continue today the diet recommended by Dr. Spatariu, that is, I gave up eating meat and dairy products from cow’s milk.
I also kept in touch with Dr. Spatariu and once a year I do a diagnosis with bioresonance and a herbal cure to fix the health problems that arise.
E.F- 62 years old/ F

Case 6

The lack of trust in allopathic medicines and their side effects, made me delay the treatment of some ailments, which started to be disturbing and meant an alarm signal to start a serious treatment. I found out about the Ayurvedic therapy practiced by Dr. Dan Spatariu through some close friends, and already having some experience related to natural medicine [homeopathy, acupuncture], I decided to start this type of natural treatment. I started the therapy at Dr. Dan Spatariu’s office in 2012, and following his advice the good results did not take long to appear, the changes made me more optimistic and confident. I highly recommend this type of therapy applied by Dr. Dan Spatariu to all those who really want a rebalancing of their health.

My note: the pianist patient developed an acute episode of gout that affected his hands and is thus unable to continue his vocation. IInterestingly, I warned him 1 year before (through bioresonance investigation) of the increased probability of developing this pathology. The uric acid normalized and the symptoms subsided. At the skin level, the patient had a very severe atopic dermatitis which, following the diet and the administration of plants, largely recovered.

Case 7

After I was diagnosed with uterine fibroids, I decided not to do any invasive intervention, but to find other methods to annihilate it. That’s how I ended up at Dr. Spatariu, who recommended a total change in the way I was living. He recommended changing the way I eat and the way I live and a three-month program to combine several therapies. This is how I came to completely reconsider my attitude towards my own person, to give up meat and dairy products, to organize my life so that I no longer reach moments of nervous overload, to do therapy with leeches, to learn to I breathe correctly, to do physical postures that balance me energetically. After one month of treatment the symptoms of the fibroid disappeared and after three months of treatment at the evaluation it regressed by 30%.

The biggest gain for me, besides the fact that I solved my health problem, was the fact that I was awakened spiritually and learned how to live in harmony.
I.P. – 42 years old

Case 8

After six months – of back pain due to the sciatic nerve that was trapped between the vertebrae and – unsuccessful treatments – given by the neurosurgeon or recommended by friends – elongates, baths, massages, etc. I ended up with Dr. Spatariu who solved my problem in only 10 sessions with a non-painful procedure.

Now, six months after the end of the treatment, no more problems have arisen and I feel very well. F.I. – 62 years old – male

Case 9

My name is Preda Methodie and I am 52 years old. In 2009 I went to Mr. Dr. Dan Sorin Spatariu for a bioresonance diagnosis and possible treatment if needed. Due to several causes, including laziness, procrastination and other problems that seemed more urgent to me, I did not take a stand immediately, at least with regard to the predisposition to diagnostic arrhythmias with the highest severity among those detected by bioresonance, despite the fact that I had purchased the herbal mixture needed for therapy. After about 1 year the arrhythmias appeared, I started having short episodes of paroxysmal atrial fibrillation and then I started taking the herbal mixture for a short period until I felt better. In 2012, during the medical visit at the service, paroxysmal atrial fibrillation was discovered again, but this time I felt bad. I was desperate because at the specialist consultation I was offered an electrophysiology studio that involved the insertion of catheters into the veins up to the heart and the possibility of a semi-invasive intervention on my heart was not ruled out. Under these conditions, I called back to Dr. Dan Spatariu who had the ability to calm me down and explained that it will be fine and I won’t have to worry if I follow his instructions completely. Thus, I started a complex therapy based on plants, a vegan diet, application of leeches in certain specific areas related to the nervous activity of the heart and I attended several psychotherapy and relaxation sessions that helped me a lot to regain my balance both from from a psychological point of view as well as physical health. Arrhythmias have stopped appearing or are very rare in the form of short palpitations and the only problem that I have not yet managed to fully control is the increase in blood pressure, for which I am still taking medication (a minimum dose) because I cannot be constantly calm and relaxed….it’s a pity that the distance between my home and Timisoara is so great – 130 km, but I consider that the effort of will and material was fully justified by the results obtained.

My note: the patient was willing to come to the office once a week for approximately 1 year.

Case 10

Dear friends,

I share with you a short incident that I went through some time ago. My name is Sebesteyn Ioan, I am 68 years old and 2 years ago I caught a cold working in the yard. In November, the mornings being cold, I started coughing, sweating without fever, I took paracetamol and vitamin C, but the cough did not stop, on the contrary, it intensified…I went to the family doctor who sent me to have an X-ray and the result was very unfortunately, I was later sent to the TBC dispensary, where I received another referral for a tomograph. Here the interpretation was: “massive pulmonary fibrosis”. With this result I went to the pulmonologist who said: “this disease cannot be treated, we can only stop its progression and I started taking antibiotics, but I was coughing very badly, my temples and chest hurt; I felt like my eyes were popping out of their sockets. They changed my antibiotic but to no avail. I lost 10 kg, I had no more appetite and no strength. Fortunately for me, some friends came to visit my children, and when they saw how I looked, they recommended the Office of Dr. Dan Spatariu, doctor of medical sciences, cardiology specialist and ayurveda practitioner. The family decided that we should try anyway, we had nothing left to lose and the next day I called the office where I made an appointment. After a laborious consultation of approximatix 90 minutes, I received all the indications related to the diet, medicinal plants, bee products, I started weekly therapy with leeches and slowly and patiently in 2-3 months my appetite started to return, to gaining strength and the cough calmed down. I continued the diet and herbal therapy for a few more months to stabilize the result. When I got to a check-up several months later, at the same pulmonologist and he saw the last x-ray again and said “I think I misdiagnosed the first time”……. If you are going through similar problems, don’t rely on antibiotics, make an appointment at this office “Esculap Aeternus”, follow all the recommendations and don’t forget “Plants are a real miracle!” “

Case 11

When I first walked into Dr. Spatariu Dan’s office, I hoped with all my heart that it would not be just another doctor who would treat my health problem superficially, as others had done before.

The man and the doctor I met pleasantly surprised me and I quickly realized that he was the answer to my prayers to God to put someone in my way to help me get out of the spiritual blockage I was in at that moment.

Although I was reluctant at first regarding his treatment methods, he managed to explain to me the complexity of my health problem and together we established a treatment plan.

It is certain that, with the help of God and the complex mental and spiritual treatment associated with the use of medicinal plants and a vegetarian diet, the results began to be seen.

I appreciate Dr. Spatariu Dan’s good mood and calmness, but especially the fact that he treats the patient as a whole.

Today I am a different person… and Dr. Spatariu also contributed to this…. and for that I thank him…

O. A. – 36 years old

Timisoara, 30.11.2013

My note: the patient had a severe neuro-vegetative syndrome manifested by extreme sweating in the palms, so that her quality of life was seriously affected. He wrote with a pen or pen wrapped in napkins, he couldn’t use any cream because his hands were always wet, he felt embarrassed when he had to meet someone and touch their hand….

Case 12

“From the age of 14, I started having some dermatological conditions that none of the countless visits to the doctor could cure. Later I found out that there is a name for these: ichthyosis. After 20 years of failed attempts, I had the joy of discovering Dr. Dan Spatariu’s office. The treatment followed included macerations of indigenous and Indian plants, plant powders administered sublingually, enema with coffee, oleation regime, etc. The results did not take long to appear, and after a while I managed to completely get rid of ichthyosis.”

CV – 36 years old

Note: oleate is a purification process used in Ayurveda as part of therapies known as panchakarma.

Case 13

A year and a few months ago, a good friend who knew my torments related to the white nights that I constantly endured, recommended me a cardiologist who dedicated a large part of his life to curing people’s diseases, but not as he believes you, through the classical methods of medicine, but through traditional Indian techniques, Ayuverda and Yoga.

So I scheduled an investigation with Dan, as I now allow myself to call him a good friend, through a more non-conformist method, namely Bioresonance Investigation. After analyzing the data, I found that my problems are not limited to insomnia, this being a result of other more or less serious diseases of internal organs, liver, stomach, gall, etc. Following a treatment with various herbal mixtures, sessions with leeches, yoga, meditation and last but not least a very consistent program of nutrition and life organization, I managed, after 11 years of sleeping pills taken daily, to give up definitively despite the addiction to these after approximately 5 months of therapy.

The quality of my life has improved considerably, and also other states and experiences compared to before. before. It is true that the sleep is still not the best, but I continue the treatment and I am convinced that this problem will not be solved in a long time. I want to thank once again both Dr. Spatariu Dan and my friend Dan, who merged very well into a high-quality man, for the patience and support he gave me.

Dorel P. manager – 50 years

Case 14

I’m Elena from Lugoj, I’m 66 years old, I was diagnosed with:

Mitral insufficiency gr 1 and 2 degenerative

Essential HTA gr 2 medium cardio-vascular risk class

Paroxysmal atrial fibrillation

Obesity gr 2

I had fibrillation attacks 3 times a week and each one lasted more than 15-20 hours.

We had reached a point where the duration of a crisis was 3 days and 3 nights.

I was taking a lot of medicine, but my health kept getting worse.

The cardiologist told me that it is possible that I will remain with fibrillation for the rest of my life because there is no possibility of improvement.

In desperation for the cause, I turned to Dr. Dan Spatariu, a cardiologist and a dancer who was known for alternative methods of therapy.

I started the treatment with leeches, medicinal plants and a vegan diet (without animal protein) in November 2013.

The state of health has significantly improved in a short time:

-I lost 7 kilograms

-I haven’t had vertigo attacks anymore

-I take much less medicine –

I am full of life, I don’t get tired anymore, I can walk fast, I have completely changed my lifestyle and diet.

I am very satisfied with what I have achieved with the help of doctor Dan Spatariu and I want to thank him in this way and wish him all the best, health and to help as many people as he helped me to change my life.

Case 15

I am writing this case on behalf of a patient who was one of my first cases.

He was 21 years old and had developed a tumor formation in the mandible area that required a biopsy from the point of view of the specialists (hematologist and surgeon).

This woman, very young and beautiful, was the sister of a good friend;

I was at the beginning of my naturopathic medical practice and of course I had some caution in assuming such a responsibility….

II gave her all the necessary indications, related to the Oshawa regimen, the parallel administration of medicinal plants and Aloe Vera, and looking at her with much compassion and optimism, I told her that in 10 days the tumor would recede. I don’t know how to say logically what I relied on when I said this very figure, it was a momentary intuition… Finally, I relate this case especially to urge patients to use an extraordinarily great force that we humans have at our disposal: THE FORCE OF FAITH… because in fact, exactly on the morning of the tenth day, the tumor completely disappeared the power of the mind is a great secret that we humans should learn again…¦. as I once knew her

Dr. Spatariu

Case 16

All my life I lived in a very fast pace, full of stress, agitation and haste, which obviously involved the lack of regular food, which led to constant fatigue, lack of energy, loss of humor, loss of interest and joy in life, and so on All this over time resulted in weight gain, fatigue even after 10 hours of sleep, and a gray, uninteresting daily life.

After I met Dan, I started to get more and more interested in Ayurveda, about what it means to live healthy, to eat good food, and to stop eating because we have to. Little by little I started to adopt the rules and methods learned from Dan, supplementing with yoga exercises, which improve the physical and psychological state.

After the first 2 weeks, which were quite difficult, I started to feel better and better, and the joy of life returned, giving me even more energy ……..

After 9 months, I lost 17 kg, but that’s not the most important thing. For me, the fact that my life has fundamentally changed is worth it. I feel much better, I am full of energy, I sleep well and wake up rested in the morning (even after shorter nights), I have no digestion problems, I have learned to eat regularly, with home-cooked and freshly made food, the level of concentration has increased considerably, and the joy of life has fully returned.

I thank God for bringing Dan to my path, without him I don’t think I would have managed to achieve such results.


Case 17

Following a divorce with deep emotional implications, the stress from work as well as the effort to be strong in the face of these trials, I began to suffer from anxiety states and, sporadically, panic attacks. I could no longer communicate, any unforeseen event caused me deep anxiety, I began to isolate myself from people.

Fortunately, a friend worried about my condition referred me to Dr. Dan Spatariu. In the situation I was in, it was difficult for me to even call for an appointment, but, reading about the non-conventional and Ayurvedic medicine procedures practiced at the office and preferring this type of treatment more than the allopathic one, I confidently set out on the path of what what I now call finding my own identity.

At the first session I presented myself with an intense state of anxiety, my hands and voice were shaking. shaking. But from the very first moments, the attention, care and dedication I felt from Dr. Spatariu gave me a sense of peace and security.

The treatment received included bioresonance diagnosis, plant powder, discussions regarding the psycho-emotional cause of anxiety, hirudotherapy, nasal application of medicinal oils, Ayurvedic massage.

The entire period of treatment produced in me a deep spiritual openness, stimulated a deep understanding that helped me look inside myself and find myself: I identified and faced my fears, I learned to accept and love myself, I fell apart the walls that isolated me from those around me and prevented me from expressing my emotions, I became emotionally aware of the divine love that surrounded me – the lack of these aspects being the basis of my state of anxiety.

One of the most disturbing and wonderful experiences I had during an oil application session (originally this technique is called shirodhara and it greatly purifies the nervous system, being highly indicated in states of depression, anxiety, neuroses and even in psychotic disorders ) in which the warm oil is allowed to drip on the forehead and run down the head, through the hair. In the first moments of the therapy, the dripping of the oil on my forehead seemed terribly annoying, I wanted to get up and run away by breaking the door, but with the help of a light massage, I started to calm down. Little by little the state of relaxation became deeper. The noises around me faded but I could still hear them. The oil that dripped on the forehead and on the crest seemed to me like a warm, caressing hand, a touch full of relief. From a certain moment, to my right and to my left, various random images began to follow each other; other; it was as if I were moving on a road/in space and observing the surroundings with detachment. Suddenly three beings of light appeared in front of me who seemed to be wearing long clothes made of light… I was so surprised that, unfortunately, I suddenly broke away from that special state…

This experience created a deep state of happiness and gratitude for me because, even if I believe in the existence of these beings of light, I feel that I have been offered a special honor by their presence close to me. My state of anxiety dissolved also thanks to this experience that brought me peace, tranquility and soul understanding.

Thank you with all my being!

Case 18


Thank you for the treatment so far, my health has improved a lot. I am deeply grateful for the fact that I can sleep normally. Now I can sleep normally Pills have become a thing of the past, thank you.

I also thank you for the fact that I can send you what I read from the Bible, it means a lot to me, because before I came to you I could not concentrate on reading.

I am also grateful for the fact that my heart palpitations, which worried me a lot, disappeared.

I am happy that after yesterday’s treatment with leeches, I felt a great relief in my back and legs. I believe with all my heart that all the health problems I still have will be solved. I believe with all my heart that all the health problems I still have will be solved.

I also thank God for all this, for the fact that I am very calm, as if all my worries have been taken away.

I consider that the changes that took place in my treatment are for my good, I wish that God will continue to bless you in what he has entrusted to you.

Maria Pop. Timisoara