Phytotherapy recipes

Program of personalized herbal recipes – Fibonacci

From now on, we will initiate a program of natural therapy through medicinal plants.

Therefore, from now on, you can simply order, via the Internet, the personalized recipe of
Indian and Romanian medicinal plants, after you have previously communicated to us the
data required for personalization.

AHere or below you can find the RECIPES we propose: link here

Please read carefully the steps below to find out how to place an order!

In short, how to proceed!

  • Step 1: Identify the recipes already created: link here
  • Step 2: Complete the questionnaire: link here
  • Answer the set of questions here: link here

and send them to

  • Step 4: Specify in the same email the desired recipe (its number) as well as the desired number of months.
  • Step 5: If you want a prescription for a specific health problem, specify.
  • Step 6: Don’t hesitate to ask for advice every Monday between 11-14 (during the rest of the week if something important comes up, send an email or a private message on Facebook)
  • Step 7: Avoid ordering for someone else who hasn’t read all these instructions just out of a desire to do them a favor. Very rarely there are results through this kind of gift
  • Step 8: I cannot exclude the possibility that sometimes an actual consultation at the office is necessary.

In the following you have more details necessary for understanding and applying the
Fibonacci customized plant therapeutic program!

PERSONALIZED PHYTOTHERAPY – according to the constitutional type and the
Fibonacci ratio

1. Concept

During the more than 10 years of practice, I have used customized mixtures of local and
Indian medicinal plants in various diseases.

I customize these recipes by making a mixture that respects the constitutional type and
the Fibonacci ratio, the golden number (found everywhere in the universe) so that the
therapeutic results are holistic in physical, emotional and mental terms.

This method of creating recipes is my own idea, used by me for the first time and has led
me over the years to many successes in medical practice.

Those interested in my practice within the office that I coordinate, I invite them to read
the “cases” section on the website: link aici

Patient experience is an important reference point for those considering similar

We will start with a few recipes that address very common diseases or
pathologies/imbalances, then depending on requests, needs, we will later widen the
spectrum of recipes for a flourishing health, which will bring you a new air of freshness
and zest for life .

I use over 100 Romanian and Indian plants, the combination of which covers the
healing/improvement of a very large number of pathologies. The installations come from
authorized distributors that meet all the conditions and approvals required in the E.U.

About me:
I have 12 years of practical experience in phytotherapy. Between 2007 – 2011 I studied
Ayurveda (Indian medical science), with Dr. Ghasyam Mrda from Pune – India.

For 14 years I have been studying Ayurveda within AMN Romania – Association of
Unconventional Medicine.

By training in allopathic medicine, I am a cardiologist, but I have little faith in the
medical system divided by specialties, because man is a whole that exceeds the sum of
his component parts.

I have great faith in herbs and use them in many recipes in combination with Zeolite, a
volcanic rock with powerful detoxifying, alkalizing and regenerating properties.

2. Presentation of recipes

The chosen recipe will be customized according to the needs and particularities of the
constitutional type, associated diseases, age, etc.

No. 1 Detoxification and weight reduction recipe
Neem, red clover, burdock, triphala (mixture of amalaki, bibitaki, haritaki), pippali,

No. 2 Prescription for cardiovascular diseases – Hypertension, cardiac arrhythmias,
ischemic heart disease
On the basis of hawthorn, arjuna, unguras, sole gastii, shankapuspi, bala, shatavari,
amalaki, guggul, satapatrika

No. 3 Recipe for diabetes, metabolic disorders, dyslipidemias
On the basis of gudmar, goat’s rue, artichoke, mumordica, turmeric, daruharidra,

No. 4 Recipe for the pathology of veins, varicose veins, hemorrhoids

Based on neem, walnut, hazelnut, chestnut, wicker, sulfine, triphala.

No. 5. Recipe for biliary dyskinesia, gallstones, liver problems
Based on panchaved, linarita, fumarita, artichoke, kalthi, bhringaraj, mint, pear, marigold,

No. 6 Recipe for cystic ovaries, fibromatous uterus, cycle disorders
Based on shepherd’s reed, ashoka, daruharidra, cordyceps, Abraham’s wood.
(The recipes have 3 V/P/K variants – depending on the questionnaire and the answeres to
the questions – see below)

Those who want to customize this recipe will have to fill out the questionnaire and
answer a series of questions – follow the “Recipe customization criteria” section

3. Administration methods – you will receive them with the order

4. Recipe customization criteria

a) Completing the questionnaire:: link here

Attention, after completing the questionnaire and the send button appears, enter your
name and contact details, then press the “send” button a second time.

b) Please answer the following questions: (which you will send by email:

  1. What is the level of stress to which you are subjected during a day? (small, medium,
  2. large)
  3. How many hours do you work a day? What’s your job ?
  4. Do you have a specific diet? (vegetarian, vegan, without restrictions)
  5. What taste predominates in your diet? (sweet, salty, sour, spicy, bitter)
  6. Do you practice sports? (rare, medium, much)
  7. Sex life is… (weak, satisfactory, extraordinary)
  8. You have problems related to: premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, frigidity.
  9. Specify which and how often?
  10. Do you have one of the following digestive symptoms? Bloating, stomach acidity,
  11. abdominal pain (colic), constipation, diarrhea?
  12. how is your sleep (I sleep very well, it’s hard to fall asleep, I wake up many times a night)
  13. How many hours do you sleep a night?
  14. Do you wake up rested?
  15. If there are still certain symptoms that you feel and you have not stated them so far,
  16. please list them.


In the same email, mention the date of birth, the town and the time you were born
(with an approximation of 1-2 hours)

This information helps me, through medical astrology data, to personalize the therapy
even more: the daily dose, the period of treatment, the optimal time to start.

5. In case you don’t want the “recipe of the day”

Specify which prescription number you want from the others presented or if you want
one customized to your symptoms.

6. If you think it is important to discuss a few moments

Please call me any Monday between 11:00 and 14:00.

0740151831– Dr. Dan Spatariu

7. Order and delivery methods

Order by e-mail at
The necessary data to mention in the email are:
Name surname
Date of birth/ Time of birth
Phone number
The number of the prescription ordered and for how many months
List of questions with answers
It is done by fast courier. The transport price is borne by the beneficiary.
The transport price is borne by us if the order exceeds 2 months of therapy.

8. Indicationa

  • The indicated recipes do not replace the medication you are currently using.
  • In order to reduce the drug therapy or stop it, a prior consultation is required, a period of detoxification, along with a change in lifestyle.
  • Do not replace the treatment prescribed by a qualified medical staff. Do not use the information provided on this site to diagnose without the advice of a specialist.
  • For minor or medium disorders, a minimum of 2 months of therapy is recommended.
  • For serious or chronic disorders, a minimum of 3 months of therapy is recommended.

Important specifications:

SECONDARY EFFECTS – appear very rarely in the form of allergies; this fact is valid
for any product and if you know you are allergic, start with the administration of only a
teaspoonful. Then increase the dose at each administration by a quarter of a teaspoon
until the indicated dose.

During detoxification, disturbing symptoms sometimes appear which are nevertheless
normal explained by the elimination of toxins: the amplification of the symptoms for
which you applied, nausea, diarrhea, mild or moderate states of general illness. In 3-4
days maximum these symptoms are reduced.

My advice :
Of course, I also recommend a healthy diet, mostly vegan, daily exercise and the search
for inner peace through prayer or meditation or by practicing an art form: dance, music,
painting, etc. Be patient and love each other more, so the results won’t take long to

9. Preturi

Price of plant package / month – 250 lei