Prices Medical office “Esculap Aeternus” (valid from 01.02.2022)

First consultation + Interpretation of results + Final discussion = 75 – 90 minutes

The general diagnosis is established to generate a therapy plan or a prophylactic prescription based on medicinal plants.

Bioresonance – the energetic and/or structural imbalances of the organs are detected
Ayurvedic consultation (traditional Indian medicine – determination of the constitutional type, the state of the tissues, analysis of the metabolic fire and the state of vitality
The pulse – indicates the sensitivity of some organs, tissue es, organs and corroborates with the other diagnostic methods.

  • price: 300 lei
  • observation: the recommendations, the drafting of the diagnosis and the prescription of medicinal plants will be collected from the office at a later date after the first consultation (the discussion lasts approx. 15-30 minutes, the price being included in the first consultation)


Depending on the case, a monitored therapy program is established in stages between 2-9 months (depending on severity) based on therapy vouchers that include 10 sessions with a total value of 1000 lei. The method of payment is established later.

Therapies performed:

Type of therapyDescriptionIndicationsPrice / session
HirudotherapyLeech TherapyRheumatism, varicose veins, metabolic, cardiac, dermatological diseases, hypertension, gynecological diseases, etc.250 lei
ShirodharaDropper oil on the foreheadMental problems: depression, panic attacks, neuroses, emotional balancing, therapeutic relaxation, etc.150 lei
NasyaIntrannasal Oil TherapySinusitis, rhinitis, migraines, nervous diseases, other pathologies in the ENT sphere120 lei
Karna puranaEar therapy With hot oilOtitis, trigeminal neuralgia, inflammation in the head, hearing loss120 lei
Matra bastiSimple therapeutic enema – with oilConstipation, gout, arthritis, nervous disorders, muscle atrophy, sexual disorders, kidney stones, back pain, neck pain, hyperacidity, Sciatica180 lei
Niruha bastiComplex therapeutic enema with plants and oilIndications as above but more serious formsKarma 30 sessions 3000 ron Kala- 16 – 1800ron Yoga – 8 sessions – 1000 lei
Kati bastiOil on the vertebraeDisc herniation, lumbosciatica, rheumatism, discarthrosis, spondylosis, decrease of vata dosha – see site120 lei
Netra bastiEye therapy with gheeConjunctivitis, glaucoma, cataracts150 lei
Hrid lepaOil therapy on the heart areaCardiac arrhythmias, ischemic heart disease, hervical hypertension, panic attacks, depression, etc.150 lei
Vamana dhoutiTherapeutic vomitingDigestive diseases, gastritis, skin diseases, epilepsy, obesity, anemia, hemorrhoids1000 lei
VirechanaTherapeutic purgationSkin diseases, hemorrhoids, splenomegaly, inguinal hernia, thyroid enlargement2200 lei – lasts about 14 days the procedure guided by the doctor
Janu bastiKnee therapyGonarthrosis, rheumatoid arthritis, other pathologies accompanied by pain in the knees120 lei
Griwa bastiCervical spine therapyCervical spondylosis, herniated disc at this level120 lei
AbhyangaExternal oleation with warm oilAccelerates the elimination of toxins from the body, removes mental and physical fatigue120 lei
Massage of acupressure pointsMassage of acupressure pointsRegulates the activity of various metabolisms120 lei, 70 min; 100 lei, 50 min
Shasti shaliApplications with rice boiled in milkMuscular dystrophies, hemiparesis or hemiplegia150 lei/session – minimum 7 sessions – ideally 10 – 15 sessions