Dr. Dean Ornish’s therapy – for cardiac and metabolic diseases

Dean Ornish is a medical doctor, and over the past twenty years, he has led research demonstrating – for the first time – that major, radical, and consistent lifestyle changes can help even in the regression of severe coronary diseases without the use of medications or surgery. Additionally, he argues that love and intimacy are among the most important factors when it comes to health and disease, even though this aspect is often ignored by the medical community:

“Everything that gives rise to a feeling of isolation often leads to illness and suffering; everything that gives rise to a feeling of love and intimacy, connection and community, has healing properties.”

The American doctor provides, through documented studies conducted over a period of 14 years, during which thousands of patients were monitored and treated, a healing program for heart diseases that excludes medications or surgical interventions. His treatment program is called “Opening the Heart,” and it heals both the body and the soul.

Lifestyle changes lead to the almost complete disappearance of atherosclerosis, and severe coronary diseases are healed, after only 1 year, without medications. Dr. Ornish found that if only the symptoms of a heart disease are treated without addressing the profound causes, which are very important, there is a likelihood that the disease will reappear. Therefore, this therapy aims to heal the deep causes of the disease, starting from correcting the patient’s wrong way of life to addressing emotional issues that touch the soul.

The Ornish therapy combines three treatment methods:

  • Dietary changes
  • Moderate exercise
  • Stress management

I join Dr. Dean Ornish, and I recommend you to enter this therapy program based on body postures and breathing control exercises inspired by yoga, diet, and meditation.