The diagnosis – the eight stages

The diagnosis – the eight stages
  • Establishment of the native and current constitutional type – (PRAKRITI AND VIKRITI)
  • Careful analysis of disturbances at the tissue level (dhatus), channel systems (srotas), and waste products (malas) – (DUSHYA)
  • Analysis of the thirteen types of transformative agents – Agni (for example: digestive fire and other fires from different tissues) – (AGNI)
  • Assessment of the patient’s vitality – (BALA)
  • Establishment of the relationship between chronological age, biological age, psychological age, and spiritual age – (VAYA)
  • Analysis of the patient’s mental states – (MANAS)
  • Careful analysis of the influence of temporal cycles on the patient – (KALA)
  • Identification of the influence of climatic zone on the patient’s condition – (DESHA)