The human being is an inseparable whole of matter, energy, and spirit.

This triad intertwines miraculously in all cultures; only the language differs partially.

The subtle creates and sustains the gross – the order from gross to subtle being understood as: body – energy structure – spirit (soul).

Diseases have their origin in the soul, or rather in the loss of connection with the soul of the other two bodies.

Only in this way can the cause of all diseases be treated, addressing the profound soul level, which implies transformation, acceptance, awareness, effort, and perseverance.

The lower nature of man does not allow access to this binder and does not access the real causes, generally maintaining a superficial, often purely symptomatic approach.

Holism is a challenge for spiritual rediscovery through illness, and thus, in this context, illness is an opportunity for evolution.

Resolving emotional traumas through:

  • Soul relief
  • Prayer
  • Meditation
  • Deep relaxation
  • Creative visualization

… are all holistic approaches addressed in the office and will be presented in detail during therapies.